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2021 M-Engin FAQ

What is M-Engin?
M-Engin, a part of the M-STEM Academies, is designed to maximize the academic, personal, and professional success of students, with the goal of preparing them for the engineering global workforce. M-Engin spans the first two years and includes a pre-freshman 6-week summer transition program, customized advising, career guidance, learning enrichment activities, and assistance in obtaining a paid professional summer internship or research opportunity.
How would participation in M-Engin benefit me?
Our experience, supported by national data, indicates that participation in a summer transition program, followed by comprehensive robust support throughout the academic year, increases academic excellence. M-Engin is designed to simultaneously build upon students’ strengths while customizing services so that all M-Engin students will be able to fully experience and benefit from the scope, scholarship, and scale of the University. In addition to the services provided by the program, participants in good standing will receive a stipend of $3,000.
What happens during the summer M-Engin program?
During the six-week summer transition program, M-STEM allows you to preview the expectations for first-year engineering students while further broadening your academic skills and your knowledge of the University environment and available resources. Students will reside on North Campus and participate in classes in mathematics, computer programming, communication skills, and a hands-on engineering concepts course. There will be seminars, workshops, and academic skills development activities to further enhance your personal, professional, and academic development. Classes and seminars are taught by faculty, staff, and graduate student instructors who also teach courses during the academic year. This provides you the opportunity to become acquainted with the style and rigor of college classroom instruction, but in a more structured and supportive environment that is typical during the academic year. Upon completion of the summer program, you will receive a $1,500 stipend.
What happens during academic year one?
During the first academic year, you will be teamed with an academic advisor, a peer mentor, and an academic coach. You will participate in group scheduling with your M-Engin peers for your core courses and participate in specially designed academic sessions. There will also be monthly group meetings to address topics relevant to M-Engin scholars, including information to prepare you for your summer research or internship experience. Upon completion of the first academic semester, you will receive an additional $750 stipend. Upon completion of the second academic semester, you will receive a final $750 stipend.
What happens during the second summer?
M-Engin students will be assisted in finding career exploration experiences during the summer between the first and second years. There will be a variety of options available including a paid research experience at the University or another institution, a paid corporate internship, community-based research projects, or employment with the M-Engin summer program. You will gain a hands-on experience that will augment what you learned in the classroom and demonstrate the vast problem-solving challenges and opportunities in the field of engineering.
What happens during academic year two?
During the second academic year you will continue to pursue academic and career goals with advisors and peers and continue to participate in group learning activities. Academic coaching and advising will continue to be tailored for you based on your curriculum and your interests. In addition, you will receive specific information and support as you transition to your desired major. Typically, once students enter a department with a solid academic background, they continue to excel.

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