Summer Staffing

M-STEM Academies is a two-year program for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) interested students admitted to the University of Michigan. The M-STEM Academies is made up of two academies, the M-Engin Academy in the College of Engineering and the M-Sci Academy in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. The program begins with an intensive summer residential academic program followed by two years of special programming. The M-STEM Academies is designed to strengthen and diversify the cohort of students who will receive their STEM degree from the University of Michigan. Upon graduation, students who participate in M-STEM will be especially well prepared to seek career opportunities or to attend graduate or professional school in STEM.

M-Engin and M-Sci students will begin this summer term living in a residence hall on UM’s north campus beginning June 26, 2021*. Beginning June 30th*, students will begin courses. Each course will be assigned an Academic Facilitator (AF); occasionally it may be possible for an Academic Facilitator to support more than one of the M-STEM courses.

In addition to a daily schedule of classes, M-STEM students will participate in evening and weekend study sessions, attend lectures, work closely with academic instructors and coaches, and participate in a rich array of social, cultural and personal growth experiences. The M-STEM Student Life Facilitators (SLF), Student Life Coordinator (SLC), and Activities Coordinator (AC) will be responsible for planning and implementing activities outside of the classroom. The M-STEM Summer Program ends on August 7, 2021*.

*Dates subject to change

It is our hope that we are able to host an on-campus summer experience. In the event that this is not possible, we will move to a virtual setting. We are committed to hosting a summer experience regardless of the format and will notify applicants of any changes.

Job Descriptions

M-STEM Academic Facilitator – In-Person
M-STEM Academic Facilitator – Virtual

M-STEM Student Life Facilitator – In-Person
M-STEM Student Life Facilitator – Virtual

M-STEM Student Life Coordinator
M-STEM Activities Coordinator

M-STEM Academies Job Application – CLICK HERE

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