Incoming Student Spotlight: Karanfil Ceric

Karanfil is an incoming freshman from Sterling Heights and attended Adlai Stevenson High School! Karanfil is interested in pursing a degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology!

Why did you choose to join M-Stem?

” I have always wanted to attend the University of Michigan, and with M-Stem giving me the opportunity to start early, I thought it would be wonderful to join. It is truly wonderful to be able to partake in a program that promotes the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I also hope to meet future wolverines who are as passionate about these subjects as I am!”

What do you hope to gain from the M-Stem Program?

” I hope to participate in research throughout the majority of my time at the University of Michigan, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the STEM subjects. I am also looking forward to meeting fellow M-Stem peers who share a common interest in the sciences!”

Karanfil enjoys playing chess with friends, Playing casual soccer, or just hanging out!. Karanfil is also very passionate about mathematics because, as a famous mathematician once put it, “Mathematics is the queen of the sciences” (Carl Friedrich Gauss).

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