Incoming Student Spotlight: Caleb Jelsma-Cale

Caleb is an incoming freshman from Wyoming, MI who attended Grandville High school. Caleb is interested in studying Earth Sciences!

Why did you choose to join M-STEM?

“M-STEM offers incredible advantages to get my foot in the door of research and job opportunities. I am certain that I want to participate in research and get some sort of internship; M-STEM will bring me one step closer. Additionally, this program allows for more attention as a student, so that I can benefit most from my experience at U of M. Not to mention, I get to befriend people who have similar interests in STEM as me.”

What do you hope to gain from the M-STEM Program?

“I am most looking forward to access to research, internships, and job opportunities through M-STEM. I want this program to be my stepping stone from degree to career.”

Caleb has always had a passion for the Earth and her landscapes. Awe overcomes Caleb at the most simple aspects of our planet, including but not limited to archaebacteria, Yosemite, and Iceland.

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