Incoming Student Spotlight: Kellie Chu

Kellie is an incoming freshman from Chicago Illinois who attended Muchin College Prep! Kellie is interested in studying Biomedical Engineering!

Why did you choose M-Stem?

“M-STEM seems like an amazing and useful way to spend my summer, so I can get acquainted with the campus and curriculum and also meet and become friends with new people before the school year starts. Since I don’t have a lot of experience with engineering, I want to use this program to get a head start and try to figure out what I want to do in college. “

What do you hope to gain from M-Stem?

“Through this program, I want to expand my team-working and engineering skills, so I can contribute to a big project that will be a big help to my community. I want to come out of the program ready to take on the school year and use any of my new skills to create connections with people and do well in school. Hopefully, I will have a more in depth understanding of engineering and what it entails.”

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