Tours from our M-STEM students


M-Sci had the privilege of going on two tours led by a current and M-STEM alum. Jungwoo Chang, M8, showed the M-10’s around the Life Sciences Institute (LSI). Jung explained his research project and walked them through various laboratories to see what a typical research lab entails. All of the M-Sci students are interested in conducting research with most already part of the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) and will be interviewing for positions in the fall. This was a great opportunity for them to see what work environment they might have in just a few short months!

A little later in the day, M-10’s had the University of Michigan Medical School tour which was led by M4, Joshua Rainey. More than half of the M-Sci students consider themselves pre-med so, this was an incredible opportunity for them to meet an M-STEM alum and see why our medical school is ranked one of the best. Josh showed the students study facilities, lecture halls, and told the students and gave advice on how they too can succeed at Michigan.

It is always a pleasure seeing what past and current M-Stemmers are accomplishing and we think the M-10’s truly enjoyed their time. Thank you so much Jung and Josh for all of your knowledge and insight!

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